The Medicann Story

The idea for a patient centered practice of medicine devoted to cannabis therapy was born in late 2016 with the overwhelming passage of Florida’s Amendment 2 into law. This ballot initiative expanded the state’s legislated medical marijuana program to include people suffering from many more conditions and allowed for the unrestricted use of a variety of products for those patients legally qualified by a doctor.

As the state program grew, physicians and medical practices began to appear (almost overnight) to serve patients within this exciting new frontier. With the rapid expansion of the sunshine state’s program, many of these clinics lost their patient focus, opting to focus squarely on profits rather than care.

We have been founded with a “patients first” philosophy. We believe in the many benefits of the integration of cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses, however we understand the average patient has little to no prior experience with this plant.

Unlike many other “conventional” medications, cannabis puts the patient in direct control of their own treatment plan. It is very much an individual journey. With cannabis, the patient must learn what products, dosages, and methods of ingestion work best for them – it is not a “take two pills a day and come see the doctor in 6 months” medication.

As part of our responsibility to our patients, the education we provide from start to finish sets us aside from the “standard” of care currently available within the state. From our single location in North Port, we see and care for our patients. Should individuals under our care have questions or need help, our office staff is always available to answer the phone and provide you with the information you need.

Medicann Staff on the main wall

Medicann Clinic is a professional healthcare organization who examines and qualifies patients under Florida’s medical marijuana program. We are located in Bobcat Village Center in North Port, Florida.

We believe in putting our patients first. Our office is clean, inviting, and judgement free. Each member of our team is squarely focused on giving our patients the utmost care by being attentive and responsive to their individual needs.

A board certified Pediatrician, Heidi Kunstman, M.D. is excited about the opportunity to help all patients – young and old alike – along their journey to living a better life without manufactured pharmaceuticals.

Meet our Staff

Dedicated to Compassionate Care

Heidi Kunstman, M.D.

Originally from Clarendon Hills, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), Dr. Heidi Kunstman has spent the first part of her medical career as a board certified pediatrician. The internal mission that she has always allowed to guide her is to help patients obtain the absolute best possible care, which is representative of the attention she gives each patient under her care.

Patrick DeLuca

DeLuca oversees the entire operation of Medicann Clinic in North Port, including human resources, accounting, general operation, legal compliance, advocacy efforts, media and public outreach, marketing and promotion. He also has developed patient protocols and procedures, which have become the model of practice in this state.

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