Patients First

Medicann Clinic provides a level of care and education that is unmatched in Florida. More attention to our patients equals better treatment success.

Upfront Pricing

No hidden fees or ridiculous visit requirements. We charge $99 for Certification visits and we see patients every 6.5 months to recertify.


Each patient receives a free consultation with our Care Coordinator after visiting the doctor. Learning more about cannabis and the products available helps you spend less money at the dispensary.

Medicann Clinic Waiting Room

The New Standard of Care in Cannabis Medicine

Medicann Clinic is the area’s premier center for the practice of medical cannabis medicine. Located in North Port, Florida, our standard of care sets us apart from the many other clinicians practicing this exciting new facet of medicine within the state.

From our state of the art facility, our we provide responsible and comprehensive care to individuals suffering from chronic illness who are looking for a more natural path of treatment.

During your appointment, you’ll never feel rushed. From the start of your visit, our professional and educated team will give you their complete attention and will listen to your concerns and provide you with the answers and direction you require.

Since cannabis is a medicine that places the patient in direct control of their treatment (unlike conventional pharmaceutical regimens), we take the time to educate our patients comprehensively. From learning how cannabis interacts with the human body to treatment protocols tailored to specific conditions and Florida-centric product education, our patients are armed with the knowledge necessary for success.

Since everything related to medical marijuana is self-pay, the cost of visits is a major concern to patients. We’ve priced our physician encounters lower than most – at just $99 per visit – without discounting the level of care we provide. No hidden fees, no up-charges, no ridiculous visit requirements. Florida law requires patients be seen once each 30 weeks, which will equal two visits with the physician per year. In 12 months, you’ll spend $198 to keep your certification active and legal.

Make An Appointment

In Florida, you must see a Qualifying Physician who will examine you and determine whether you fit the qualifications of the state’s program. Here at Medicann Clinic, you can call our office or visit our Scheduling page to make an appointment that fits your schedule.

See The Doctor

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you’ll be seen by our trained and compassionate physicians who will evaluate you via in-person, face to face examination and enter your information into the state’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

Apply For State ID

After you’ve seen a Physician and have been added to the state’s Registry, you must complete a Patient ID Card application with the state of Florida. You may complete a paper form or apply online, using a credit card to pay the $75 annual fee.

Purchase Legal Product

When you’ve been qualified by a physician, entered into the Registry, and your application has been approved by the Department of Health, you may visit one of the state’s 80+ dispensaries or call for delivery.

Medicann Clinic Staff

Our Compassionate Staff

Each member of our highly trained staff has one goal in mind – helping our patients feel better. By listening and being attentive to the individual needs and concerns of the people we serve, our level of service is exceptional.

Learn more about the men and women of Medicann Clinic by reading our biographies.

Heidi Kunstman, M.D.

Originally from Clarendon Hills, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), Dr. Heidi Kunstman has spent the first part of her medical career as a board certified pediatrician. The internal mission that she has always allowed to guide her is to help patients obtain the absolute best possible care, which is representative of the attention she gives each patient under her care.

Patrick DeLuca

DeLuca oversees the entire operation of Medicann Clinic in North Port, including human resources, accounting, general operation, legal compliance, advocacy efforts, media and public outreach, marketing and promotion. He also has developed patient protocols and procedures, which have become the model of practice in this state.

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