Is Medical Marijuana Worth The Out of Pocket Expense?

Is Medical Marijuana Worth The Out of Pocket Expense?

In this weird state-legal, Federally-illegal environment of marijuana in which millions of Americans now live, one of the most commonly asked questions in our clinic everyday involves the total sum cost of medical marijuana in Florida.

“How much is this going to cost?”

The initial out of pocket expenses are easy to measure. Here at Medicann Clinic, we charge a flat $199 fee for our visits. Under Florida state law, these patient encounters must be “face to face and within the same room” as the physician and must occur once “each 30 weeks”. After a patient is initially seen by the doctor and added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, they must apply for a Patient Identification Card from the Department of Health. This card costs $75 per year (plus a $2.25 processing fee if paid online).

Since marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance (the Federal government currently recognizes no medicinal value from cannabis), all of the costs associated with medical marijuana – from physician’s visits to medication costs – are generally not covered by private or government insurance plans.

While clinics like ours accept all major credit cards and cash, we are also able to process Healthcare Savings (HSH) cards badged with either MasterCard or Visa logos. This can be a considerable help to patients who have these type of insurance plans.

As we have reported before, it’s important for patients to research their options for physicians prior to spending their money. While some physician’s may seem cheaper, many pricing models include reduced cost initial visits but often require multiple visits (some every 70 days or more), or have much more expensive recertification fees for returning patients. It’s buyer beware and the best protection is information. Don’t be afraid to ask questions over the phone prior to making the appointment.

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“How much will the medicine cost me?”

Once approved, patients can make their way to a local dispensary or call an MMTC for their first delivery of medication.

With all products being cash (or CanPay) transactions, the amount of money that will be spent on medication is of paramount interest to most patients. Your physiology, individual health goals, where you shop, what discounts you’re able to use, and your individual level of education will all play a factor into total monthly cost. When patients become more cannabis savvy and are better able to dial in their dosages the median monthly cost of medication typically becomes very manageable.

As a patient for the past 3 years who uses cannabis to treat my anxiety and depression caused by post-traumatic stress disorder, I can tell you that I’m spending under $150 per month for my cannabis.

Florida law does not regulate price nor does it prohibit any discounts or deals on the dispensary side of the industry. As such, there are many regular discounts offered by the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers:

Free Delivery
First purchase discount: $50 off $150 or more
Pediatric discount: 40% off
Veterans discount: 20% off
SNAP/Financial Assistance discount: 20% off
Senior discount: 10% off

Fluent (Formerly Knox)
Free Delivery
First purchase discount: 20% off
Veterans (and their spouses): 20% off
Birthday month discount: 10% off

Free Delivery
First purchase discount: 25% off
Veterans discount: 30% off
SNAP/Financial Assistance discount: 15% off

Liberty Health Sciences
Free Delivery
First purchase discount: 10% off or $75 off $150 or more
Veterans and First Responder discount: 25% off
SNAP/Financial Assistance discount: 10% off

First purchase discount: 25% off
Veterans discount: 10% off
Senior discount: 10% off

First purchase discount: 25% off
Veterans/Military discount: 25% off
Birthday discount: 25% off
Senior discount (55+): 15% off

Surterra Wellness
Free Delivery
First purchase discount: $75 off $150 or more
Second purchase discount: $25 off $100 or more
Veterans discount: 15% off
First Responders discount: 10% off
Student discount: 10% off

First purchase discount: 15% off
Annual patient ID card discount: $75 off $150 or more
Veterans discount: 10% off
SNAP/Financial Assistance discount: 10% off

Free delivery on orders of $100 or more
First purchase discount: $55 off $100 or more
Veterans discount: 25% off
First Responders discount: 25% off
SNAP/Financial Assistance discount: 10% off

As you can see, there are many options and associated discounts – both for first time purchases and returning patients – at the dispensaries. Many MMTC’s offer various daily deals and flash sales that can be stacked with other discounts and save you big money. Be sure to sign up for individual text message updates so you can easily stay on top of deals.

Comparing Medical Marijuana Costs to Conventional Medicine Expenses

In America, nearly 87 percent of individuals are covered by some sort of health insurance. While large payment burdens are generally less, co-pays, specialty deductible fees, and prescription co-pays can add up – especially when you’re facing a costly, long term diagnosis such as cancer.

According to, the average cost of a doctors visit with insurance ranges between $15 and $25. A specialist visit co-pay can range from $30 to $50.

With many new drugs on the market (and many insurers requiring patients to spend more out of pocket), the average American now spends $1200 per year on prescriptions alone – even with insurance.

From a Practical standpoint, we have seen massive prescription pharmaceutical reductions in medical marijuana patients. The longer they continue with cannabis  

Patients that have received the appropriate level of care and education and have been able to find the optimal products for their conditions report incredible increases in their feelings of wellness as well as an increase in their abilities to engage in and complete normal life activities.

The Bottom Line Is The Bottom Line

To get started within Florida’s Medical Marijuana program, you’ll spend $398 with Medicann Clinic for 13 months of recommendations.

The state required ID card will cost you $75 per year (with an additional $2.25 processing fee if you pay online).

Once you’ve received your approval, you purchase the legal cannabis medicine. You’ll need cash, but new patients have a variety of incentives at dispensaries. Further, we do not recommend patients spend more than $150 per shopping trip until they are comfortable with products and know what works best for them.

However, as you become more cannabis savvy and are better able to find your optimal level of relief, it is our experience that you will likely see your out of pocket medical expenses reduce in total.

We have plenty of availability at Medicann Clinic, and you can self-schedule online right now and begin your path of green wellness.

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