Medicann Clinic is Closed

This is a letter I had hoped never to have to write, but I am doing so with complete transparency and honesty.

It is with great sadness that I must report to you that, effective immediately, Medicann Clinic is permanently closed. 

In building this practice, I had great hope that we could create a model of patient service unlike any other in Florida. Throughout the past year it became apparent to me – very early on – that our staff delivered above and beyond what I even thought possible. Our patient care and service were top notch and we spent the past year helping hundreds of people on their journey to green wellness. Words cannot describe how proud I am of the team I was lucky enough to assemble for helping realize my goal of impeccable patient care. 

Unfortunately, the business climate in Florida has become too difficult for me to maintain and continue operations. I have invested every penny I’ve had in savings, borrowed from family, even taken on a high interest emergency loan, but it hasn’t been enough. 

We have now reached a point where expenses have outpaced income and each day our doors are open I’m digging my financial hole deeper. We have completely exhausted all options for capital. To make matters even worse, the high interest lender has now placed liens on the business accounts making it impossible for us to function. 

Even with a drastic reduction in visit cost, we have found ourselves unable to compete with the many other practices within our area. Since beginning our business, it has been my absolute resolve to operate our practice completely consistent with the law. Unfortunately, Medicann Clinic has been one of the few medical marijuana practices within Florida to place such importance on statute and regulation.  It is nearly impossible to remain competitive in business when so many other practices within the same market are operating wildly outside of compliance – and the Department of Health is doing nothing to curb this illegal activity. 

Adding to all of these above frustrations, my former business partner began harassing me with lawyers the second week we were in business and actually filed a lawsuit against me in May, causing thousands of dollars of continued legal fees to defend myself from his patently false and punitive claims. 

I have reached the end. Sleepless nights, panic attacks, a deep depression, and a nearly constantly negative bank account have caused me personal stress beyond imagine. For all of the reasons listed, and most importantly my health, I have to close this chapter of my life and push forward – no matter how difficult it may be. 

I have spent the past month trying to find a buyer or investors to save Medicann Clinic, but have been unable to secure anything solid.

It is my hope that some clinic in the area will step up and provide equal service at an equal price to what we were able to provide, but at this time I do not know of any.

In closing, I want you to know that I have done everything possible to keep Medicann Clinic open and functioning. I have always felt a deep responsibility to our patients, and it’s only after exhausting every option imaginable that I’ve been forced to close the business. If you were a patient of ours, I hope that your experience with us has been positive and I hope we’ve been able to meet your expectations of care. 

I take full responsibility for this sudden and unexpected turn of events. It’s been under my leadership that this once great idea has ended in failure. I don’t expect you to fully understand, but I do hope this letter allows you some insight into why the decision has been made to cease operations.

There are some painful but necessary steps ahead I must take in order to move forward with my life.

Patrick DeLuca
Medicann Clinic, Inc.


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