We’ve Dropped Our Prices To $99. Here’s Why.

We’ve Dropped Our Prices To $99. Here’s Why.

Today, in an incredibly bold move, we made the decision to reduce our visit cost to just $99. This price is effective immediately and is valid for new patients who decide to choose Medicann Clinic for their care and existing patients who will be coming back for recertification visits.

I’d like to take a moment to explain how we came to this decision.

When we launched Medicann Clinic in January, we were committed that we’d do things differently in the Florida medical marijuana world. We built an inviting and educational atmosphere within our office space, hired a physician with incredible patient mannar and the desire to care for patients not be encumbered by paperwork, and we assembled a team of professionals who shared the same vision of putting our patients before anything else. 

Our patient first philosophy along with extensive educational protocols, teaching materials, responsiveness, and a no-nonsense approach have helped us to become one of the most respected facilities of its kind in the state.

Since I first began my journey as a cannabis professional in late 2016, I’ve learned that patient cost is the driving factor when it comes to which physician or clinic a person chooses (or if someone will take the steps necessary to enroll in the program). 

Many individuals, while suffering from terrible debilitations, are also working with a fixed income. Since medical marijuana isn’t covered by insurance (doctor visits, state licenses, and actual medication), Florida’s program is simply too expensive for many people who could benefit from cannabis. Many people are suffering daily and want to try cannabis to treat their chronic conditions, but are simply unable because it’s just too expensive. 

Cannabis certainly isn’t a “cure all”, and anyone who promises such things is selling snake oil. However, with a knowledgeable staff holding their hand along their journey, a compassionate and educated physician who takes the time to listen to their patients and addresses their concerns, and robust and unbiased educational protocols, I’ve found the chances of successful treatment are greatly increased.

Unfortunately, in Florida, it seems many clinics and doctors are solely focused on putting profits before patients

Some practices advertise extremely low prices to get patients in the door, but don’t tell them visits are required every 30, 60, or 90 days. Other clinics try the old bait and switch technique by offering a greatly discounted price to new patients, then upcharge to the tune of $200 or $300 for their 7 month recertifications. Some physicians offer rock bottom prices, but provide no education or help to their patients – sending them blindly to dispensaries to “figure it out” on their own.

All of these schemes are detrimental to patient success. People become disillusioned because they’re not getting the results they anticipated and end up with an empty wallet. Eventually, out of frustration, people stop seeing their cannabis physicians, don’t renew their cards, and drop out of the program. They simply become ghosts.

At Medicann Clinic, we operate differently. We believe in the effectiveness of cannabis as a viable medical treatment. We listen to our patients and go out of our way to help them reach (and sometimes exceed) their personal treatment goals. Our treatment is individualized to the patients goals and illness. 

We believe we have a moral responsibility to treat our patients with the utmost respect and have instituted a standard of care not often seen in this new field of medicine. I am so very proud of what we have done within our little office in North Port.

For the first 9 months of our operation, we set our price at a flat rate of $199. While that fee was much more affordable than most other options within our area, it was still difficult for some of our patients to be able to afford nearly $400 per year just to remain compliant with the state’s requirements. I received an email from a patient wishing to cancel his appointment last week because it “just costs too much.”

It saddens me that people are made to suffer because they simply don’t have the available cash to afford to stay within the medical marijuana program.

Today, during a staff meeting, it was decided by all of us that we should lower our visit cost to just $99 per encounter. Every single team member agreed reduced visit price would enable us to help more people, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. 

Most importantly, we will not be sacrificing our standard of care to achieve this greatly reduced price. We want to make medical cannabis an option to anyone who could benefit, and by reducing the cost per visit and the annual cost for patients to under $200 we are confident we can achieve our goal of helping as many people as possible.

The same quality of care. The same comprehensive education. More patient support groups. Better teaching materials. The same responsiveness to our patients.  All of what makes Medicann Clinic the leader in cannabis medicine at a much lower cost to the patient.

It is also our hope that, as has happened in the past, other operators will follow suit. As an industry, we should all be working together to make medical cannabis more accessible to those Floridians who could benefit from it but cannot currently afford it.

Whether you’re an existing patient with another doctor or if you’re just starting out, we humbly ask that you make Medicann Clinic your choice in care. You can schedule your appointment by calling us at (941) 888-0723 or by picking your date and time directly online.

It would be our great honor to serve you and help you achieve a better sense of wellness utilizing a non-pharmaceutical, plant based option.

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