What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Our first full day of active practice was filled with hope. Existing and new patients, all excited about the opportunity to continue or begin a new way of wellness. 

With the launch of this clinic, the question I’ve been asked most is “what makes Medicann different?”

We are patient centered. Our sole mission as an organization is to direct our full attention to our patients and focus on their individual needs and health goals. 

By limiting the amount of patients we see in a given day, we ensure no one ever feels rushed. People have questions and we always take the time to answer them fully. If we don’t know an answer, we will find it. 

People have individual concerns. We always take the time to listen. We treat patients under our care with the utmost respect and genuinely care for them, their loved ones, and have a stake in their betterment. 

We’ve also set our certification price at $199. No hidden fees. No 90-day followups. If you shop around, you may find cheaper options but you will not find a similar standard of care that accompanies that lower price. We’ve priced visits at the minimum amount possible to cover our expenses, and should Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration relax the cumbersome physician requirements, we plan to lower our prices even further. 

In having a front row seat to the birth and growth of Florida’s program, I’ve seen miracles. I’ve seen unbelievable life changes. I’ve been told more times that I can count that I’ve helped “give life back” to people that have suffered for years. I’ve witnessed people regain their independence, back to work and driving a vehicle for the first time in years. I have had husbands and wives thank me with tears in their eyes for helping to give their spouse back to them. 

I have also witnessed a marked decline in patient care, responsible practice, and compassion in general as Florida’s medical cannabis program has grown. The focus of many in the industry seems to be self interest – maximizing profit, building close relationships with industry types, seeing who can do what for them. It’s almost become a competition to see who can have the most patients. 

We will not be a part of the problem. We will be the solution. My amazing staff and myself take this responsibility very seriously. 

In my prior radio career, I always used the power of the airwaves to precipitate positive change. I have always fought for the underdog, the little guy. My greatest satisfaction was the result of helping to create change for the better.

Medicann is my chance to do the same for the underserved – people fighting illnesses looking for a better life. This endeavor is the culmination of years of advocacy, research, development, and the feeling of a true moral obligation.

I believe the conventional practice of medicine has lost touch with its audience – the patient. People are tired of feeling like a number at a cattle call, with their money taken quickly and their experience incomplete, their questions not answered (or answered incorrectly), and not feeling valued by the staff charged with caring for them. 

This behavior is the antithesis of what medical cannabis is. As practitioners and people fortunate enough to work within this new and exciting industry, we have a solemn responsibility to help erase the lies told over the past 80+ years of prohibition. This simple, amazing, biological mass grown and used for 10,000 years as a safe and effective medicine has been the victim of much malign.

By focusing on the “number” philosophy, the medical cannabis industry has taken a page out of the Big Pharma playbook. Unscrupulous and irresponsible practice is a dark stain on a movement as a whole, and a slap in the face to the many of advocates who fought so tirelessly to get us where we are today.

Medicann puts the patient first. We are responsive to their questions and concerns. We adhere to the many rules and regulations of Florida’s program without deviation. We have developed solid operational and educational protocols. We focus on helping people achieve their individual health goals.

We respect the patients, the plant, and the mission at hand.

All in all, we believe in a simple philosophy:

Patients before profit. 

Thats what makes us different.


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