Whole Flower Is Available For Florida Patients

Whole Flower Is Available For Florida Patients

With all the talk of the Florida legislature’s back and forth regarding smokable cannabis being allowed for legal medical marijuana patients, many people don’t realize that whole flower product is already available at dispensaries within the state.

That’s right! As a legal patient, you can purchase whole flower (bud) at the dispensaries.

Trulieve’s “Puck Yeah” strain flower pods.

All of the whole flower products are sold in small ceramic containers with a mesh lid on top. These “pods” are designed to fit into a Volcano-like device, which each dispensary sells separately. Patients are not required to purchase the inhalation device to purchase the pods for it.

The flower sold over the counter in Florida  is of high quality and is decently cost equivalent to similar quality found on the black market.

Trulieve’s TruFlower line is the most established in terms of different strains. Their catalog of indicas include Puck Yeah, Northern Hash, and 9# Hammer. On the sativa side, Colombian Gold, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Dutch Hawaiian, and Super Silver Haze comprise the selection. Their hybrid collection includes Truberry OG, Strawberry Switchblade, Gilz Nilz, Lemon Tree, Oregon Lemons, Gorilla Grapes, and Member Berry.

These Vaporizer Cups are designed to fit into a Volcano-like device called their Tabletop Vaporizer, though patients are not required to purchase the device to purchase the TruFlower products.

Cannabinoid content ranges from 20% to 30% THC, and there is a high-CBD strain available.  Jars are sold with 3.5 grams of total marijuana and range in price from $35 – $55 each.

Curaleaf’s ceramic flower pod line features a strain identified as “HCO”.  Like Trulieve, these products are sold in 3.5 gram quantities and are $30 each. No other information is available online for this particular product.

Altmed’s MuV brand just launched a line of Flower cups in early February. While the number of strains is rather limited at this time, Forum Cut Cookies, Lemon Bubba, and Sirius are available in hybrid variety. Sour Jack is their current sativa. The price for 3.5 grams is $55.

While we fully expect the smoking prohibition to end very soon, it is important that patients be aware that whole, unadulterated flower is already available here in Florida.

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